We link existing Australian research strengths and build critical mass
Exciton Science is an inherently interdisciplinary organisation. The areas in which our research is focused require us to integrate knowledge from chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering to achieve our research goals.

We have worked to ensure a critical mass of researchers at each institution and in each research platform to provide an environment which is conducive to this type of research. Alongside people, world class infrastructure is critical for achieving our research goals.

Centre researchers have been able to leverage both institutional and agency infrastructure funding for new experimental equipment, including lasers, cryostats, and most recently a $7 million High Throughput Solution-Processable Photovoltaic Materials Discovery Facility supported by the Centre, Partner Institutions and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

We have the equipment and expertise necessary to solve the toughest challenges of the 21st century


Exciton Science Virtual Laboratory Tours

Our labs are the key to the experimental components of the Centre’s research, let us show you…

Tour our University of Melbourne NSL labs with Nicholas Kirkwood
Tour our Monash University Advanced Photovoltaics Laboratory with Tian Zhang
Tour our UNSW Laboratories with Lara Gillan