Innovative Energy Research

We are helping Australia to achieve a sustainable energy future

Exciton Science is creating new materials for solar energy conversion and efficient, next-generation light-emitting devices to improve the ways we harness and use light energy


Exciton Systems for Solar Energy Conversion

We are building the ultimate light-harvesting system by efficient conversion and transport of excitons

The type of upconversion that we’re working on had never been done before. We set a benchmark. I absolutely expect that other people will now be trying to make that better. That’s the point.”

Tim Schmidt

Exciton Light Management

The solar spectrum arrives at the Earth’s surface as broadband white light, characterised by the sun’s temperature of 6,000 kelvin, providing more energy than we could ever use. It contains all the colours of the rainbow, as well as colours we can’t see, like ultraviolet and infrared. Most solar panels can only use near-infrared light. In this platform, we’re discovering ways to get around this limitation by converting low-energy Coherent Control of Excitons photons of light into high-energy photons that can be captured by solar panels and turned into electricity.

Solution Processed Next Generation Photovoltaics

The next generation of solar panels will match or surpass silicon in efficiency, while offering greater flexibility. Thanks to advanced liquid synthesis and printing technology, they will require less energy to make and be easier to decommission and recycle at the end of their lifespan. In this platform, we’re working closely with CSIRO to gain a greater understanding of these new materials and manufacturing techniques. And we’re significantly accelerating the discovery and testing process through automation and infrastructure that is unique in global solar photovoltaics research.



The realisation of any excitonic device or technology requires control over excitons.

I like being in the Centre because I’m around lots of people who have a close connection to the great challenge of the current age.”

Jared Cole


Excitonic Systems for Security, Lighting and Sensing

Manipulation, detection and use of light through excitonic materials are key concepts that will enable a raft of future technologies.

It’s about exciting people. What I care about is that the next generation of scientists or engineers are motivated and inspired.”

Jacek Jasieniak